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How much experience do you have in dealing/interacting with people of color, minorities, and/or various cultures?

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I, myself, am of mixed race; I was raised in Las Vegas; my primary and secondary schools were inner-city public schools. Unlike the Midwest, Caucasians were often the minority there. Throughout my childhood and early adulthood, I was exposed to a melting pot of people from all walks of life, and I learned to understand, accept and respect people who were different from myself. I also worked for a short period of time at the airport during the summer as a supervisor for a company that specialized in wheelchair and electric cart services. Almost all of my employees were minorities - immigrants from Ethiopia and Liberia, Hispanic, and Filipino. I earned the respect of my employees, and they worked very hard for me. All of our customers were elderly, physically disabled, visually impaired, or needed assistance navigating the airport due to language barriers. I set an example for my employees by treating all customers with respect and compassion for their individual needs.

What are my career aspirations and how can they help me grow?

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what do you bring to the table what skills do you have

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If Atlantic equals 50, what does Pacific equal?

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Do you mind shopping for party items and alcohol weekly?

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None, really. I had the experience they were seeking, and my skills were transferable to the needs of the job. I was able to answer all interview questions easily.

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I was asked about My experience in fast paced settings and to give examples of how I think on my feet all were engaged and listening. I love that the managers sit in on the interview.

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Detailed questions regarding job experience in accounting.

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CEO asked me in the middle of interview if I was married and had children.

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