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Office 365 Concierge Ambassador was asked...May 18, 2016

Customers get bounce back emails when they send email in a hybrid environment. How would you troubleshoot that?

1 Answers

The SPF record needs to include both mail servers from public dns and private local server dns. Less


Customers need Office Apps on their desktop but don't care for Exchange Online Email. Which plans do you recommend?

1 Answers

Office 365 Business


A customer stops receiving mail but they can send mail. Which DNS record needs to be examined?

1 Answers

The MX record is pointing to their old mail server and not the Office 365 Exchange Online. Less


Customers want to share content on sharepoint online with a collaborating company. How do you give them access to some folders but not others?

1 Answers

Enable sharing - Configure the sharing controls across Azure Active Directory, Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, and SharePoint to allow the level of sharing that you want for your organization. Less


Why would you like to work at our company?

The RealReal

Tell me about your background and what interests you in the RealReal?


What is your experience with configuring office networks?

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