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classic fermi problem. estimate some value making some approximations.

2 Answers

Do you mind shopping for party items and alcohol weekly?

3 Answers

No questions. you will be told what the responsibilities of the position are and if you like it great if not they move to the next person.

2 Answers

How would you find the shortest path between two nodes in a graph? Write code in Java to do this.

3 Answers

None, really. I had the experience they were seeking, and my skills were transferable to the needs of the job. I was able to answer all interview questions easily.

2 Answers

Name a difficult time you had dealing with a client, and tell me how you resolved it

2 Answers

If Atlantic equals 50, what does Pacific equal?

5 Answers

How would you handle this situation _____?

2 Answers

What is one instance of outstanding customer service that you have displayed? This is the most common question.

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