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Office Manager Interview Questions

"Companies depend on their office managers to keep operations running smoothly by maintaining and supervising staff. Employers are looking for candidates who are reliable, organized, and can successfully devote attention to multiple tasks. Be prepared to show off your people-management skills, knowledge of how the company operates, and your ability to handle an office conflict or a difficult employee."

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We work under pressured timelines and deadlines; the position also works with very sensitive and confidential matters and student records. How do you successfully manage yourself in this kind of environment? Provide details or strategies used.

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• FERPA or general knowledge of privacy laws • Multiple communication tools (e-mail, voicemail, face-to-face, etc.) • Efficient/Organized/Time management • Goal setting • Ability to delegate

Tell us about a difficult interpersonal situation you encountered and how did you handle it?

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This position often requires multi tasking. Can you tell me in detail about a time when you had to multitask and prioritize several tasks at once?

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Name a difficult work related situation and how you overcame it.

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Name 3 previous Nobel Prize Winners

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Diff b/w var1 == var2 and var1.equals(var2) Which method needs to be implemented along with equals()?

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Can you fill in for a system manager.`

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Did you have sales goals in your previous jobs?

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Can you wait and not accept your other job offers until corporate approval is received for the AOL job offer?

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