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Name a difficult time you had dealing with a client, and tell me how you resolved it

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With grace and dignity, obviously

One that comes to mind is when I work as a XXXXXXX for XXXXXX company, working on a client financial management solutions. Working in that project I noted cost of overspending mainly driven by IT procurement contract. I brought this to the client's attention and asked them to consider other alternatives due to the exorbitant charges impacting the business profitability. Client was reluctant to take our advice, as they had a good relationship with the contractor. I constructed a financial model for the client, identifying cost and benefit analysis if they were to take our recommendation. The result was that client took on on our advice and review all their procurement contracts with the option of pulling out if contract becomes unfavorable. This gives client a favorable OCI with 10% savings in IT procurement.

They asked if I had a problem working with smart, strong-willed women on a daily basis. The company I would be working at had various high-stature employees and some of them may have "strong opinions" and egos.

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They ask about computer skills. And corporate experience.

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What is your weakness?

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They had asked many questions regarding my graphic work background. Types of software, years experience etc and any additional experience in hospitality industry. Though was a stretch but I did have some but most questions were graphic experience focused. But the on-site interview was solely focused on things they had casually mentioned in other interactions. Like mail clerk role collecting mail in entire building hourly. And duties as an office hostess, setting up coffee and break stations to prepare a conference room for meetings. The graphic skills, those were to make copies of documents with possibility to use pdf documents in that role. Total bust and waste of time. And the deal breaker pay was only $12.50/hr but there is the cost of onsite parking, the employee discount is $100 per month.

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The last senior manager asked me technical FS questions.

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