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Preschool Teacher Interview Questions in Ohio

"Being a preschool teacher demands a special kind of sensitivity and nurturing that is different from teaching other age groups. Expect employers to ask a lot of scenario questions, such as how you would cope with difficult parents or handle common child behavior such as crying, temper tantrums, and hyperactivity. To stand out in your interview, it is advantageous to have specialized in early childhood education or be able to provide previous experiences with young children."

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In my experience how do I keep the children engaged, and follow curriculum.

1 Answer

There are a lot of tricks I use to keep the attention of the children throughout the day- I must always be in charge, make learning fun, find clever way to keep their attention, and redirect if needed.

Why do you want to be a teacher?

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How would you improve on the curriculum that is set in place?

What is one negative thing about yourself?

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What skills do you have that could make the school better as a whole?

How would you deal with separation anxiety in a student

1 Answer

Describe a science project you would do to help teach children science?

I was not asked anything other that if I was truly interested in the position, and my salary expectations.

Tell me a time when you had to do something you felt uncomfortable with, and how you grew from that experience.

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