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What would you do to start the email marketing program?

If you have a target CPA of $100, CVR of 10% and CTR of 5%, what should your CPC be? What about CPM?

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If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?

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There really weren't any questions that I found to be difficult.

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Explain a campaign from start to finish that you created and how did you optimize?

Tell me what you would improve on our website.

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Part 1: SEM Below is what I was asked to perform using proprietary information they provided (which I have not included here): Outline your process, step-by-step, as to how you would bring this program to positive ROI. If there are any tools that you would use, please feel free to include them in your write up. Also, please include information on any additional campaigns you would run. In lieu of not having access to the account details, feel free to talk about the methodology you would use to bring the campaign to positive ROI. We are looking to see your thought process behind tackling this challenge so please provide enough details about your methodology so we can understand the process you will use. An estimation of expected results would be great as well (CTR, Conversion goals). At a bare minimum, how would you define success? Part 2: Email Below is what I was asked to perform using proprietary information they provided (which I have not included here): Step 1: How would you approach managing the list to improve future results? Step 2: How would you overhaul our email marketing and build it into an effective email marketing machine? Step 3: Once you have it set up, what regular campaigns would you run and why? Again, please share your step-by-step process for how you would tackled this challenge. Please include the tools you would need and any asks you would have from engineering. We are looking for the thinking behind your approach.

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About artists / color / Design/ future of the company and its e-commerce venture /

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What tools and apps do you use to manage PPC campaigns? How do you approach a problem?