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About Basic English like tenses,fiction means,etc...

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AS we know and study since kid

Work smartly to achieve.

I am joining the company job I am very interesting

They really want to know if you are a flexible teacher, as you will be working with many different styles of learning, and want to ensure you can do that well. They also ask about your background in each specific area you plan to work with.

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It was just a background check and to clear my degrees.

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Why Applerouth?

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Describe your tutoring style/What is your tutoring philosophy?

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Questions related to subject

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If you had to tutor a group of students at different learning levels in the same class, how would you do this?

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You are asked to take a powerpoint and turn it into a lesson.

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1. Give a brief rundown of your experience in teaching/tutoring including subjects taught and years at each position. 2. What qualifies you to tutor this subject? What academic prep, did you have, what classes did you teach, etc. 3. Have you tutored students to prepare them for standardized tests? What standardized tests have you taken them yourself? What were your scores and can you verify them? 4. What age or grade level do you think your personality is most suited to? What age or grade are you most qualified to to teach? How would you modify content for teaching to various grade levels? 5. Lesson example: Choose a topic/question from a list to explain how you guide a student to solidify their understanding? How would you check for background knowledge? How would you clarify confusing points? How would you check for mastery? What outside resources would you use? (Most questions gave you 30 seconds to prepare; I believe this one allowed 10 minutes to prepare.) The question I chose asked what I would do if a student brought me a 5-paragraph, 2-page essay the day before it was due and asked me to edit it for them. Be specific about what you would look for and in what order you would present the info. What would the student be doing? What would you be doing?

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Do you have a Bachelor's degree?

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