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Uline Interviews in Ontario

www.uline.com /  HQ: Pleasant Prairie, WI

52 Interviews in Ontario (of 817)

2.8 Average

Niagara Bottling Interviews in Ontario

www.niagarawater.com /  HQ: Ontario, CA

37 Interviews in Ontario (of 75)

2.6 Average

UPS Interviews in Ontario

www.upsjobs.com /  HQ: Atlanta, GA

21 Interviews in Ontario (of 2,369)

1.5 Very Easy

Interview Questions in Ontario

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Write a function that finds the square root of a decimal number.

4 Answers

A binary search with a constraint for precision. We should also take care of the interval (0.00, 1.00).

// iterative (function(n){ var lo=0; var hi=n; var tries=500; var prev; while(tries--){ var curr=hi-((hi-lo)/2); var prd=curr*curr; if(prd===n || prev==curr){ break; } prd>n ? hi=curr : lo=curr; prev=curr; } console.log(curr, curr*curr, 500-tries) })(64)

// recursive with closure use (function(n){ var lo=0; var hi=n; var tries=500; var prev; function rec(){ var curr=hi-((hi-lo)/2); var prd=curr*curr; if(prd===n || prev==curr || !tries--){ return curr; } prd>n ? hi=curr : lo=curr; prev=curr; return rec() } var result = rec(); console.log(result, result*result, 500-tries) })(25)

Where do I see myself in 10 years

1 Answer

All situational based questions. "Tell me about a time you...had to lead a team without authority, had to work as a team to accomplish a goal, had to solve a complex problem in a short amount of time without all the information"

1 Answer

What is your favorite sandwich?

1 Answer

Why does Nova has one of the worst reputations as an English schools in Japan?

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself.

1 Answer

how would i deal with a angry customer

1 Answer

Have I ever submitted an idea that saved any company I have worked for over $10,000.00 in a given year.

1 Answer

Theyll ask when you are available- LIE say you are fully open. Then once hired if you dont like the shift dont take it or quit. Dont feel guilty, they dont care, it happens all the time.

1 Answer

Why did you decide to apply for a position with ICM?

1 Answer
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