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The most difficult was a language barrier at first with the person who shepherd me interview location then the main questioner arrived and took over. The unexpected aspect was that the main questioner seemed very tired and I was not at my best having rushed to the interview.

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For the most part the questions were not many, mostly situational job orientated tasks some of which were proprietary to the position. I was honest with the interviewer and yes I may not be an expert (or maybe I am and am too modest to state it) there are things I have not encountered that may or may not be part of the position and with the base knowledge I have accumulated could have easily learned also I have a strong desire to learn more and advance to other positions. Perhaps the last part scared the manager away for choosing me.

The questions to me were straightforward.

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Can you work in over 100 degree temperature.

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Are you willing to work weekends and overtime with little to no notice?

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They asked me about my previous experience, if i was open minded, how soon i wanted to start and how ofen.

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Tell me about a time where you showed leadership.

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Tell me about a time when you had to give bad news to a customer who was already irate!

I got interviewed by 4 engineers. It was mainly 2 guys talking because they were the most fluent of the 4. They asked me a lot of technical questions, all of them were easy for me because I am working for one of their competitor. They even gave me a 3 pages with 14 questions translated from Mandarin or Cantonese to English.

What do you make now?

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All the questions are the basic interview questions.

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