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Tell me about a time when you failed?

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The wording here is incorrect. "Tell me about a time you failed". Failure does not exist (especially in an interview)! This tricky question should never be responded to in a literal fashion. When an individual is faced with a challenge, and he or she, for whatever reason, does not manage to overcome that challenge, it is not ,EVER, a failure. RATHER, IT IS A LEARNING OPPORTUNITY. This gives the individual a chance to gain awareness and increase his or her proficiency in the area(s) in question. In all actuality, this question, should never be in an interview, because it is set up to make the interviewee feel incompetent, and incapable. Please, remember, that anything that life ever tosses your way ALWAYS creates an opportunity to learn, and to grow. Never let a so called "failure" dim your zeal for what you aspire to achieve. Never!

After what I said are you willing to take this job?

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none... interview included the basic leadership and management questions

The questions were similar to the ones that other people have listed. I guess the one that stumped me the most was about using quality control procedures in previous jobs because I haven't had any real experience with that. The interviewer said that if I didn't feel comfortable with a particular question he would skip it and give me another one, which he did.

Tell me a little bit about yourself Do you have experience in sales

Do you have previous management experience?

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