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CASE: Cross-selling Credit Insurance to Cardholders direct mail: .50, 1% response rate, avg balance $1000, 5% claim insurance, etc. Profitable? How make more profitable? What if response rate doubled but claims doubled? Make chart of profit curve, what does it mean if..., etc.

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see cross selling case on CO's website

Hi Sir, Can you confirm if below is the correct answer. I believe its always unprofitable. Assume 100 direct mail offers were sent for card insurance, 1% response rate means, 1 person bought credit insurance Revenue = 1% of avg balance = (1/100)*1000 = 10$ Cost = Insurance claim Cost + Mailing Cost = (Response Count* claim rate * Avg Bal) + (No. of mails sent * Cost per mail) (1* (5/100)*1000) + (100 * 0.5) = 50 + 50 = 100 $ Selling credit insurance in this case is unprofitable even without the mkt cost. For other questions if we assume, response rate = x%, claim rate = y% with the assumption, 100 offers were sent for credit insurance Revenue = x*(1/100)*1000 = 10x Insurance Cost = x*(y/100)*1000 = 10xy Mkt Cost = 100 * 0.5 = 50 Profit = 10x-10xy-50 Assumption is that y% claim rate means, of x people who take the offer, y% of those x, file for claim, which means company has to cover their avg bal of 1000 for people who filed the claim, and hence is a loss for the company. At this point its a loss to sell credit insurance. Let me know if i am doing anything incorrectly.

Great the way you laid it out, very thorough and clearly organizing your thoughts. Remember to think out loud/explain your thinking as you write during the case. Yes, something is incorrect, very small but key, changes the whole answer: you are assuming everything is in the same time unit. When you calculate revenue to be $10, you should realize right away that would be a MONTHLY amount, while claims et all would be annual. Helps to know that credit cards in the US regularly try to entice customers to add little $5-10/month services to their bills, whether insurance, credit report monitoring, etc so that $10 couldn't possibly be yearly, ie insurance less than 0.90/month.

CASE: Recovering Written-off Past Due Balances 6 months past due, avg $2000 balance, 15% pay in full, profitable? If introduce settlement option for 60% of balance, 10% pay settlement but 5% of them dont pay in full, better choice? With new model, now 9% pay in full, but with settlement option now 10% take settlement but a third of original payers dont pay in full, better? etc. (poorly worded and confusing case. unhelpful vague interviewer, arggg, cost me the job).

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There really were no technical questions of any kind....mostly questions like "have you ever done XXXX before? If so where and how did it turn out?"

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What is your management style like?

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Role-playing scenarios to demonstrate how I would solve a problem under difficult circumstances (e.g., a system unable to fork.)

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Describe a project in which you were able to come up with a solution that improved the way your job is done. It was something to that effect.

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What is most important while comparing charts in the reports. (Unexpected) what is IRR, R square, joins, v lookup.

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Behavioral (3 q's per 45 minute interview): A time you called on an "expert" to complete a task or problem. A time you faced an obstacle to a project being on-time. A time you needed to learn something new for a project. A time when you persuaded others to see and accept your view. A time when you needed to organize and manage a new assignment while continuing a current assignment. A time when you significantly and quickly adapted plans to the changing goals of a project or team.

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Honestly, they were all difficult, you have to be in a certain frame of mind when going into an interview there.

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Standard questions none that I was unable to answer

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