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Operations & Logistics Manager was asked...August 25, 2013

What times of the year do you think it's especially hard to get driver supply out?

2 Answers

Holidays indeed, but more importantly around "the holidays." People aren't as willing to give up their precious time off to bust their behinds driving people around. Less

On holidays. That's why the price surge on these days is an incentive for the drivers to work. Less


From the in-person panel interviews: - Uber is opening up a city remotely (i.e. Milwaukee will be operated out of Chicago). How would you make the drivers in Milwaukee feel equal to the drivers in Chicago. This was maybe the worst, most vague question of them all. - Uber drops you in a new market (i.e. Oklahoma City) and says you have two weeks until we open here - go! What do you do? - Say an Uber black car driver makes $30/ride with a 20% commission. How do you convince him to upgrade to a new made up service UberSuper with a 25% commission? What costs will the driver incur in upgrading. How much more will he have to make each week, etc. Note: it's not enough to just walk them through mentally how you'd do this, be prepared to do the math on the fly. Very annoying. - An Uber competitor opens in your city with unlimited cash capital, if you were them how would you steal Uber's customers? If you were Uber how would you convince drivers not to leave?

18 Answers

Antonio, Sandro - hope you guys get good luck ... check your email for some hot man-on-man adult newsletter signups. +1 No_Cheating! Less

I confirm it is the same test... it is really hard..., thanks god I prepared before with.. try www.uber-analytical-test Less

Anyone have any ideas on how uber makes drivers in Chicago and Milwaukee feel equal? Less

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100 drivers apply to uber to be a driver. X percent does not have city knowledge, y of them miss their screening meetings, z of them did not passed background check and can apply in 6 months etc etc.. Base on listed constraints, how many of them can start with Uber?

7 Answers

100-XUYUZ U= Union

Depends on the overlap...

The above answers are wrong. The answer is xUy. U=Union. You do not need city knowledge to drive for Uber. Less

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32 qs test

6 Answers

can you please send the files to my id iitb.manish@gmail,com It will be great help. Thanks. Less

Did anyone actually receive the file?

Hii, Can you please send the files to my id madhu.praveen123@gmail,com It will be great help. Thanks. Less

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What's a town you hustled

5 Answers

Can you clarify what the question?

Can you clarify the question?

Coursetake course was good. I used it for the test. Pretty cheap too.

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"In order to incentivize our best driver partners to use the platform next week, you are assessing the cost of the following......." You have to derive the answer from the given CSV dataset. The test is challenging specifically due to the time limit. They also force you to have to develop the context before being able to come up with the answer. I felt pretty ready for the test until I opened the file and it just hit me that there would not be enough time for this. You need to be doing very similar data modeling on a daily basis to be able to navigate thru the entire exam in 2 hour sitting. P.S: For the most part, the practice material selling on the web is outdated so you might be better off trying similar exercises on your own rather than paying for those.

4 Answers

I did coursetake's course got a $5 discount with code ACEYOURTEST. It might work for some of you or email their support. They give you the 3 CSVs Less

How much time did it take in your case to get a call for the second round after the test? Less

Hey Can you please share the screenshots you took it would be very helpful. Thank you Less

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The weirdest question was "If you have a 3x3 Rubik's cube and removed one row and one column how many cubes are left?" The kid that asked me the question looked to be about 19yo.

3 Answers

The answer could also conceivably be 8 (i.e. a 2x2x2 cube) if you're taking out a row and a column all the way through the cube. The question as phrased is not very clear. Less

Yah I did coursetake's course too and they had such questions covered. Very weird to see these questions pop up in Uber. Going into my test soon. Less

3x3 Rubik's Cube yields you 27 individual pieces. If you remove 1 row and 1 column that intersects, you remove 5 altogether to get you 22 pieces If you remove 1 row and 1 column that DOES NOT intersect, you remove 6 altogether to get you 21 pieces Less


How owuld you use metrics to determine if a flat fee was working?

3 Answers

On the driver side , consider the idle time. On the rider side, consider the waiting time and dropped trips. Theses metrics will help deter mine the flat rates are working Less

Hi can you help me with the sample csv sheet for analytics test? What was the difficulty level? Less

This particular service is expensive and not worth it,


He said Uber X was not available in Adelaide, and asked how I found Uber Black

2 Answers

Unsure if he was bluffing to see whether I knew that Uber X was available. Judging by the way he spoke and his credentials he was genuinely unaware. Less

uberX isn't available in Adelaide. It was for a short period, but not anymore.


Let's say we want to launch Uber ice cream for the first time. How many drivers do you need?

2 Answers

I think there is a mistake in Silvia's answer. If a driver can deliver every 5 minutes then he will make 12 deliveries in an hour. I would assume that means 12 users reached. The fact that each delivery includes 2 ice creams doesn't necessarily mean you have to to 12x2=24 to conclude 24 users where reached. First, the one user could eat both ice creams and second, even if the second ice cream is given to another person, that doesn't make that other person a user. The person just received a free ice cream but that persons didn't use the app at all. For all that I would continue all the calculations with the assumption 12 users reached. Happy to hear feedback or opinions from Silvia or others. Less

First I need to know how many users Uber wants to reach with this campaign. Let's say we want to reach 20 thousand users. Next we try to estimate how many ice creams per order and how many orders per hour. Let's say each order is on average 2 ice creams. And a driver can deliver every 5 minutes within a geolocation. That means in one hour he can deliver 24 ice creams (reach 24 users). If Uber wants to reach 20k people - say, within 8 hours period - they will need 104 drivers, that is 20k/(24x8). This assumes drivers will work the entire shift. Less

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