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American Airlines
Operations Research Consultant was asked...July 8, 2016

What's your biggest weakness?

3 Answers

My biggest weakness is caring too much for people. Because sometimes I worry a lot about people and their well-being. Less

How long you waited before the questionnaire and first interview?

Can you please tell me what were the technical interview questions?


How would you to launch new product with minimum budget and in short time? How would you convert the drivers from competitors to join your company? Number of case study base questions and some numerical problems.

3 Answers

Can You please give your details i have my interview tomorrow and want to ask you some questions Less

Is there any bond for this job?If yes, what is the bond period?

I was confident as I have researched on the business models ,competitors shares ,strategy, new launches of products and hence given answer very clearly. Less

Bank of America

What are your plans to transition from managing a team to being an individual contributor if offered the role?

2 Answers

First and foremost, I'm always managing a team; just at a different level. I plan on collaborating with leadership, identifying clear goals for the company, and developing plans that's will assist in reaching our objectives along with growing leaders who can operate independently of me. Less

As a manager, I am responsible for a group of employees, but more importantly, I am responsible for my success which makes me a great collaborator and individual contributor simultaneously. I believe, shedding one of those responsibilities will only make it easier for me to excel in this role. Less

Dell Technologies

How could you best influence in a matrix organization?

2 Answers

I’ve had both positive and challenging experiences managing teams across matrix organizations. My most effective approach and advice to my team is that building relationships with all stakeholders in the organization is the strongest tool in your toolbox. In Matrix organizations, there are generally centralized functional experts and location-based leaders. Depending on the organizations philosophy, there is usually a solid line and a dotted line and which position has which reporting structure differs. One manager will have responsibility for results but limited authority. When conflicts arise, team members may play politics and deny a request from the dotted line manager based on the solid line manager’s opposing direction. This is where relationships are crucial. The two managers who share oversight for the employee need to be on the same page and find a way to reach consensus. More importantly, effective matrix structures work best when these guidelines are communicated from day one and the team is cautioned that pitting their managers against each other will not be tolerated and set a zero tolerance for this behavior. If they do not see a cohesive relationship and collaboration, it will send the message that if Mom says no, ask dad ( excuse the expression). If there is not collaboration, performance, productivity and outcomes will suffer. Since organizations are often changing structures and reorganizing, having respectful and collaborative relationships with all members of the organization is my advice to anyone working within this structure. Just my experience and opinion Less

How to lead in a matrix org leadership: First gather stakeholder perspectives and understand positions, create aspirational targets which reflect the underlying business needs but are responsive to stakeholder perspectives, then develop buy-in by co-creating content with stakeholders and ultimately garner consensus. Less

McKinsey & Company

A global company produces all kinds of filters and has recently merged with another global company. The leading group (CEO...) has initiated 2 improvement programs: 1: global supply chain project, 2: cost reduction project through Just-In-Time (JIT). Are there any risks or contradictions between these programes?

2 Answers

Yes, JIT means to remove inventory, which can be risky if you have an expanding global supply chain network. (Provide reasons for this, like "no security buffer" in practice) Less

JIT is all about reducing cost of capital trapped in inventories. The trade off between money saved by producing through JIT might be less than those, which could be saved by producing huge volume and achieve economies of scale. Less


Given this scenario, what are you recommendations? 2 mins to prepare and then must answer over video recording

2 Answers

Still waiting to hear back

What are the scenarios? Thanks for sharing!

LA Fitness

are you looking for a career or just a job

1 Answers

you do not want this job, it will be one of the most stressful and annoying jobs ever. if you are even thinking about signing up. DO NOT Less

New York Life

Have you done system restricted system backups.

1 Answers

Yes of course.


What kind qualities do you like in a manager?

1 Answers

I said I like a manager that gives good feedback. I like for them to say what I've done well but also give me tips on where and how I can improve. Less


Als u morgen Minister van VWS was welke 3 thema's zou u direct aanpakken?

1 Answers

Could you please give some details on the type of case you received ?

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