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Operations Department Manager Interview Questions


Operations department manager interview questions shared by candidates

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Name a time when you coached and developed someone to achieve a higher level of success?

What is 1 thing you need to develop in as a leader?

Name a time when you and your manager disagreed about something you had to do. How did you come to a resolution? Who approached who about the issue?

How do you motivate your team to achieve goals? In turn, give a time you had to coach someone through something

Current salary, did I have any offers pending, why I was looking for work, and walk me through your background.

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I was asked if I had a resolution or "secret formula" to deal with a particular group of staff that have particular behaviors, attitudes and expectations. It wasn't really a difficult or unexpected question, but more so one that there really is no answer for because there is no "secret formula". This particular group of people are some of the most unique and difficult people to work with and I've experienced the same thing in each and every place where I have held this position. I was not able to provide an answer that was not something that had already been tried. My interviewer understood (the Managing Director) as they knew the type of people I would be dealing with and were familiar with the ongoing issues in working with them.