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1. What do you know about JP Morgan? 2. Tell me something about your resume 3. How well do you know excel? 4. How will you balance extracurricular commitments with your internship?

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I heavily researched the company beforehand and brought up various initiatives that the company was engaged in, such as New Skill at Work, Technology Warehouse, etc. I reviewed some excel as well, such as how to create a pivot table or use VlookUP,

There wasn't a whole lot of technical questions (the hardest was concerning the risk environment of your LOB), most were "fit" questions to see if you would fit in with the JPM culture, etc.

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Why would you like to join Palantir?

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Tell me how you see the company performing in the next 5 years.

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How do you keep up to date with financial services news?

Why Peek?

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You found an error in your presentation 10 minutes before it was due to be presented. What would you do?

-What is difference between JP Morgan's wholesale commodities and commercial banking products? (or something like that)..can quite remember the exact question. -What are JP's products and services? -Why JP? Why operations?

Why do you work for JP Morgan? Tell me something you know about Operation? Tell me something about JP Morgan chase's brands, products and customers? Tell me an experience that you made a critical change for the group?

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