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Tell me about a time you were criticized for poor performance.

Where do you think the U.S. stands internationally?

4 Basic questions What would you do if your employees are not following a standardise procedure? Why do you want to work for amazon? Math problem?ask the recruiter to explain well the problems in order they see how you interact with them Understand the leadership principles Be yourself and relax

How might you need to interact differently with engineers than business people?

They basically went over your resume. I just had a pleasant talk with the HR.

What was the toughest situation you have dealt with with and how did you handle it?

The questions for this were basic basic and not technical. Who is the CEO? What is the stock price? How many employees do they have?

Describe a time this past school year where you have had multiple projects or assignments and how you organized/prioritized your work.

Why do you want to work for Goldman Sachs?

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