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Wells Fargo
Operations Accountant I was asked...June 10, 2013

Neither person asked anything about my qualifications whatsoever just six or so behavioral questions which I find to be insulting to anyone. These sorts of questions do not properly reflect a person. Emailed said mgr. (?) to get feedback on if they already hired someone else after almost 2 weeks. Did not receive any courtesy of a reply. Guess that is the norm these days which is quite bad.

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I've been through several interviews with Wells Fargo and work there currently. The phone screen just gets you through to do the face to face interview. They only use behavior questions in their interviews, and I agree, I don't think they accurately gauge how well a potential employee will really be on the job. All it shows is how well someone can come up with examples, and it doesn't work well for all candidates... like myself. :-( Less

Bro I applied on July 28 by online but still I didn't get call


Tell me about the type of obstacles you have ran into that have kept you from reaching success.

1 Answers

The theme of the answer was to get a critical mass to convert enough naysayers into believers of the change you are driving forward that was keeping you from success. Less


Case study question on problem solving & analytics

1 Answers

Can't give it away! But you need to think through how to solve a problem with limited inputs Less


I was asked a number of situational questions to see how I handled them.

Zions Bank

Explain a time when you had a difficult customer or employee...what was the issue and how did you go about resolving it?


Why Amazon? Math flow problem. Multiple behavioral questions. Scenario based questions.

Wells Fargo

Give me a time when you had to deal with distractions at work.


Give me an example of a time that you solved a conflict with your external stakeholder.

IMSI (India)

Relevant to the position applied

HD Supply

Give me an example of a time that you have had to deal with a difficult associate, how did you deal with the situation, and what was the result?

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