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Operations Manager Trainee Interview Questions


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If we were to call your previous employer, How would they rank your performance/ work ethic?

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(Multiple Choice Format: Above Average, Average, Below Average, etc...)

Will you be able to work side-by-side with management trainee peers who are recent college grads? (

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They want to hear about your sales experience which is required in this field.

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How did you handle a negative experience with a coworker?

Please describe a time when you failed at something and how you handled it?

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They will ask for specific examples and ask for experience based answers. such as," Give an example of how you dealt with a situation where an employee you worked with was insubordinate."

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Standard questions, Why Avis? Describe yourself in three words, how will you motivate your employees

The interviewer asked me two questions that were completely unexpected. The first question, " Name a time when you set a goal and you were unable to meet that goal? How did you handle your shortcomings? What did you do to address that issue for the future? The second and last question," how many times did your supervisor have to reprimand your working behavior? What was it? How did you rectify the issue?

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