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If you have two coins, one is a fair coin and other is with two heads. If you get a coin and flip it, then if you know that is head, what is the probability that this coin is the fair one.

4 Answers

Two thirds.

Using Bayes' theorem: 1/3.

yes its 1/3 using Bayes Rule.

Prove that the number between two twin primes can be divided by 6.

3 Answers

Tell me about your research

2 Answers

How to route trucks for delivery to a number of customers in Seattle with time windows?

2 Answers

What type of Security Clearance did I currently have?

2 Answers

Do you have experience with earned Value Management (EVM)?

1 Answer

Research experience - both quan. and qual., communications experience

1 Answer

Why have you worked in so many companies? Where do you see yourself in five years?

1 Answer

Describe how Shazam works.

1 Answer

How do you approach the modeling of a new business problem? How do you explain methods and expectations to stake-holders?

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