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Operations Research Analyst Interview Questions


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Do the same thing again. And you get a head again. What's the probability that the coin is the fair one.

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Describe a problem you identified, made a recommendation, and your recommendation was implemented.

Why AvePoint?

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Newspaper problem: profit optimization given constraints.

Interviewer asked me to describe my dissertation work. Then, choose two areas of expertise that I believe to be best at. It was a general phone screening interview.

One of the on the spot brain teaser sorting questions was difficult, but it didn't seem like it was required that I solve it right then and there. It was more a matter of how I thought through the problem.

How to design a data analytics team?

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What is your technical weakness and how did you overcome?

How often were you required to work on tasks which you felt were beyond the scope of the contract, or which you felt you were not technically equipped to handle?

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