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Prove that the number between two twin primes can be divided by 6.

3 Answers

if you are strong in math, try this company. but they are ridiculous because with that strong math skills, you can go to Wall street.

this is not a hard question. we just have to prove that a number between two twin primes is divisible by 2 and 3. twin primes are primes whose difference is two, such as 41 and 43. It is clear that 2 is a divisor because otherwise, the two neighboring numbers would be even and therefore not prime. It is also clear that 3 is a divisor, since for every three consecutive number there is exactly one number divisible by 3, and we know that the neighbors are prime and therefore not divisible. Therefore the number in between must be divisible by 3.

I see that this question is quite old but I wanted to make a small correction. This claim is actually false as stated; this may be proven by a simple counterexample utilizing the smallest pair of twin primes {3, 5} which surround the number 4. Your proof falls apart simply because 3 is a twin prime itself, thus excluding this edge case your proof holds because no prime except 3 may be divisible by 3.

Do you have experience with earned Value Management (EVM)?

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Tell me about your research

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Non of the questions were difficult or unexpected. I was asked about my experience and my previous closely related work. The software tools used are different than my tools of choice but it was made clear that it is not a problem for both sides.

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A production system can process one unit every ten minutes. Eleven units arrive per hour. Do you think this is a good system? If not, how would you improve it?

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Go through the resume

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Why Reddwerks ?

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How comfortable are you with the idea that you may be in some danger doing this job?

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Prove that the inter-arrival time of a Poisson process is exponentially distributed

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Some STAR questions are difficult to answer unless prepared in advance.

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