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Operations Research Scientist was asked...September 10, 2013

How to forecast the output of a warehouse for Christmas?

2 Answers

Amazon is a young company and has less than 20 years history, so Amazon does not have enough historical data to do the forecasting. Less

I disagree with the previous answer - demand 20 years ago has little additional information if we have 19 previous years. I would answer that we need to use last year data to forecast this Christmas. Less

Alaka`ina Foundation

My experiences with BSL4 labs

2 Answers

I currently had no experience but i had been trained on protocol

I am not able to change this initial answer, but if I could it wouldn’t say anything of the such I can assure all. I’m well aware I’ve been being researched for as long as possible to gain all the applicable information and data needed for whatever be the subject matter’s field of interest. This being said… my SQL I’m sure is not the best looking at times, but please keep in mind I am a person who loves to learn as much as I can about a job/career/task/subject/etc. before I’m able to begin to form up the next step I will then take to execute my actions. This is a double edge sword I am well aware of and both sides I love and hate for different reasons. I really do enjoy research, deep research, and my infamous water-rabbit hole high dives. Which consists of the abysmal depths greater than the Mariana Trenches! Apologizing now for rambling Real Time Chat Question- What does BSL4 mean ? Aside from the guess I have which is “Base System Language 4” Less


Given an array of sorted numbers ex: [1,1,1,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,3,3,3,3] find the indices where a single number starts and ends (ex: 1, start index=0, end_index=2). You have to solve this in log(n) complexity, you cannot go through every sample (n complexity).

2 Answers

Using a customised binary search (take it as n-nary search) GetStartEnd(elem, len): loop: low = 0 high = len mid = low + high / 2 if arr[mid] != elem mid = mid - 1 if arr[mid] == elem break return {start, end} GetSolution(arr, len) Loop: val = arr[0] start_end_val = GetStartEnd(val) end_val = start_end_val[1] #end value from previous iteration val = arr[end_val+1] continue Less

I tried doing something similar to binary search but it became too complicated with edge cases. Less


How white light is produced from LED.

2 Answers

Phosphorus coating on blue LED produces white light.

Not having looked up this question, I answered, "combine red, green, blue" LEDs


They asked me many questions about my resume.

1 Answers

I answered all the questions.

What do you like most and least about your current job?

1 Answers

Too long to summarize


The measurement is showing a thickness of 18 Angstroms. When I open the door of the electronic cabinet, the measurement jumps almost half an Angstrom. What could be going on to make this happen?

1 Answers

The question is framed to show if you understand the issue of how sensors interact with their environment and can change their signals if the surrounding environment changes. It gets past textbook 'ideal weightless, massless, temperature-immune' systems and into real electronics. Less

Rocket Fuel

'''Question 1: Given a sorted but rotated array, and a target, find the location of the target in the array. If the target is not in the array, returns -1 1) INPUT: [3,6,7,1,2], target = 1 OUTPUT: 3 2) INPUT: [3,6,7,1,2], target = 9 OUTPUT: -1 '''

1 Answers

def search(A, target): if target == None: return -1 #if not target: # return -1 #riht I needed to address this! try: target = int(target) except ValueError: return -1 l=0 n = len(A) r = n-1 while l<=r: middle=l+((r-l)/2) if A[middle] == target: return middle if A[l] <= A[middle]: if ((A[l]<= target) and (target Less

Oculus VR


1 Answers

Helpful to walk through the process but had to fill this to know more. Can't say more without reading what exactly was the earlier review. Less

Clausthal University of Technology

Please, can you tell us about yourself ?

1 Answers

I tell about my education and professional experience.

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