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Wells Fargo
Operations Accountant I was asked...June 10, 2013

Neither person asked anything about my qualifications whatsoever just six or so behavioral questions which I find to be insulting to anyone. These sorts of questions do not properly reflect a person. Emailed said mgr. (?) to get feedback on if they already hired someone else after almost 2 weeks. Did not receive any courtesy of a reply. Guess that is the norm these days which is quite bad.

2 Answers

I've been through several interviews with Wells Fargo and work there currently. The phone screen just gets you through to do the face to face interview. They only use behavior questions in their interviews, and I agree, I don't think they accurately gauge how well a potential employee will really be on the job. All it shows is how well someone can come up with examples, and it doesn't work well for all candidates... like myself. :-( Less

Bro I applied on July 28 by online but still I didn't get call


How did you deal with difficult customers and tell me about your previous job experience?

1 Answers

I am passionate for my work and always listen to them and assist them as best as possible in order to resolved their issues and concerns. If I can not fix the issues I do a follow up call during the same day or next day to look for solutions. Less

Raytheon Technologies

Provide an example of a positive and a negative customer service experience.

1 Answers

A positive experience was where I was able to solve the customer's issue immediately. A negative example was where the customer came in with a horrible attitude and I still had to solve their problem. Less

Sana Benefits

Please carefully fill out the application for this role

1 Answers

POOF - you just wasted your time as the job no longer exists.

BNY Mellon

"How would someone like yourself with no Financial experience or education fair against others who have dabbled before?"

1 Answers

It's all about how quickly you can pick up industry-specific technology and terminology. Less

Sana Benefits

Why does Sana Benefits waste applicants time and not follow-up?

1 Answers

Because Sana Benefits doesn't care about you

Applied Systems

Most difficult objection to overcome as a sales person.

1 Answers

I was not in sales for this company... I'm still not sure why it was asked.

Would you be able to reach to work on time given the distance since the job is in north and you live south?

1 Answers

Distance doesn't affect my ability to be punctual. I would make the necessary adjustments to ensure that I'm punctual. I've also worked long distances from where I live before and I have always been on work at least an hour before work starts. Therefore distance is not an issue for me and doesn't affect my punctuality. Less


How do we know you will be loyal to the company and stay for more than 2 years working in here?

1 Answers

I am very focused in the CCNP certification career path and I want to work at stable place where I have the change to grow and learn about new technologies and skills. San Jose, San Jose Please go early because there is traffic congestion. Try to be there 30 minutes before the interview. Eat well and go relax with a positive attitude to grow. Less

CEVA Logistics

Why I’m getting into the field, and questioned the legitimacy of the supply chain degree I was going for.

1 Answers

I explained supply chain as succinctly and quickly as possible in a reasonable manner. Less

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