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I didn't find any question particularly difficult or unexpected. If forced to chose one it was when she asked how I would react to C-level executive/s shooting down a concept I developed for a seasonal campaign.

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I explained that I would be okay with that. That said, I also explained I am diligent and if I felt very strongly that the direction I was offering was paramount for the direction/growth/evolution of the brand, I would fight for it.

Given two die, what is the probability that the sum when rolled would add up to six?

5 Answers

On the phone was asked two simple probability questions. What is the probability of being dealt a pair of cards? What is the probability of rolling the same side of a dice three times in a row.

6 Answers

How to print a link list reversely

3 Answers

Given an array of size [i..n], find the product of all the elements of the array except for the element at index b, where b is an arbitrary element.

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What is your greatest strength and weakness?

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I was asked to print out the square of each number given an array of integers. The only catch was that I didn't have to use any loop.

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How would you describe your leadership style

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Tell me about a time when you noticed someone doing something wrong. What did you do and how did that person take it or handle it?

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What would you do if there was a natural disaster in x country where you had a student working and their parents called you panicked?

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