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Is regular travel to China acceptable?

3 Answers

Yes, with notice and within reason.

No, our US and UK engineers do not travel to China. Please see my response to the review.

Interesting, at least 2 engineers (including the manager) from US did travel to China!

What's the Fourier transform of an array of dots?

2 Answers

Do you see want to be in management?

1 Answer

What's it going to take to get you to accept this job?

1 Answer

How can your research be applied to improved our work here with solar cells?

1 Answer

Usually detail technical questions to probe knowledge depth and breadth. There is no standardized questioning. But there are also cultural questions such as what was the most difficult interpersonal challenge you had in an organization and how did you handle it?

1 Answer

They kept questioning how my most recent employer fit with their type of company.

1 Answer

Name the five Seidel aberrations

1 Answer

The manager took me to one of their rooms and asked what the other engineer was doing.

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How do you feel working with people who don't like each other?

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