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What is the difference between luminance and illuminance?

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Both terms have to do with the eye's response to light. Illuminance is the flux per area of light onto a surface while Luminance is the flux per area of light per steradian.

Illuminance is the amount of light coming from a light source that lands on a surface (Has unit of Footcandles or Lux), and Lumiance describes the amount of light leaving a surface in a particular direction (has unit Cd/m), which can also be thought of as the measured brightness of a surface seen by the eye or any detector system.

Do you see want to be in management?

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What's it going to take to get you to accept this job?

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How would you improve the iphone's camera?

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They kept questioning how my most recent employer fit with their type of company.

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are you prepared to be terminated at any time, due to the company upper management decisions to downsize and run it like verizon wireless ?

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How can your research be applied to improved our work here with solar cells?

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Is regular travel to China acceptable?

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[Described object] How would you draft this in Solidworks?

There were no questions asked about my professional history, no technical questions, or any interest in my background. They didn't even care to ask what I was currently doing or why I was leaving my job. The entire interview was centered around the work going on there and why I should work there. It seemed very much like they just needed engineering bodies to work on random projects.

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