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How would you handle a difference of opinion between yours and a Senior technical member?

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Depends: Is it in their area? Eg if the comms guy says the firewall must be set this way, all I can do is have my opinion heard and live with it. Get them to explain their opinion. Then explain my reasons. If they explain first hopefully they will listen to mine. Perhaps they are right. If they can't explain they may retract. See if we can compromise. Schema design is often influenced by technical background knowledge that hasn't been documented/shared yet. Software settings are often based on previous jobs, rather than current reasons.

In every corporation I've been involved with, there are individual power plays. Those individuals will always seek to be right (no matter if they wrong, which they often are), so that they can gain power. The best choice is not to get involved with those power-politics. If a senior person's opinion differs with mine, I will explain the logical reasons for my opinion, and then let it go. I have no need to have a power-match with any senior person. If they are dug into their position, then I will defer. It is only a JOB--it's not my whole existence.

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External tables. Can they have indexes

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Why do you want to work in IT?

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how do you create a tablespace

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What does an Ora-1555 mean?

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How would you define the hardware requirements for installing EBS 12.1

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About my experience especially in previous migrations

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Daliy Activities??

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