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Sell me Solar... You should study before you go in and read up as much as you can about solar.

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Sell it like any product. My background was in electronics and I sold it like selling a high end in home system. Manager was lacking in alot. I dont think he is there anymore.

1) Why are you an Entrepreneur ? 2) How motivated are you going to be 3) What are your weaknesses ? 4) You gave me 3 weaknesses and one strength let me redeem yourself

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Do you know what a timeshare is?

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i don't recall the interview question it was 5 years ago, and there were multiple phone calls. they were typical questions pertaining to background, job history, technical skills, personality traits and thoughts about how things should be done. How can i be a benefit to the team type of questions.

How would you handle this situation: if you knew that you had to bring up a topic to your boss and that he would be angry about, how did you handle this?

what skills do you have

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In my experience I was able to ask a lot of questions in the interviewing process that I did not personally run into any difficult/unexpected questions.

Explain a time where you used HubSpot in a creative way.

Tell me about a time where you were faced with a challenge and how did you overcome it?

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Do you plan to grow with the company? We are looking for long term employees.

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