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During my interview, the woman who was part of the OD team rolled her eyes at one of my answers. So unprofessional. I knew then, I did not get the job. She was brought be back down to the lobby and during the ride in the elevator, she asked me my plans for the weekend. Fake and unprofessional. No, thank you. A year later, they advertised for the same position again. In fact, I have been monitoring job postings at Allstate. They advertise for the same position every year or so. Makes one wonder why there is a quick turnover in the position.

How do you assess culture in an organization you're not already working in?

If you requested something from someone and were not getting any response, how would you handle the situation?

My in-person interview was just a conversation about my skills & how they matched up with their roles...and the next step was that they wanted to see what my skills were & to see prior work samples from a major consulting firm I worked for (or my current job )- despite them all being marked confidential. They seemed frustrated with me that I wouldn't share most of would they like it if I shared their clients' confidential documents?

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How much experience have you had with reorgs?