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The CARA Group
Consultant - Organizational Change was asked...June 5, 2014

My in-person interview was just a conversation about my skills & how they matched up with their roles...and the next step was that they wanted to see what my skills were & to see prior work samples from a major consulting firm I worked for (or my current job )- despite them all being marked confidential. They seemed frustrated with me that I wouldn't share most of would they like it if I shared their clients' confidential documents?

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Hey anon poster on Feb 12. Thank you very much for that. I am glad to hear I wasn't alone in dealing with their awful behavior. I had no idea they went back to the early 90s and were always like this. How do places like this exist!? Their ads on LinkedIn NEVER go away. I haven't logged in once without seeing their ads...for jobs they don't have. It's pathetic that they do this. Less

A slightly different perspective based on my experience with CARA... I've been affiliated with CARA since 2005--and along the way I have had to go through additional peer interviews as client engagements came along that required new or additional skills sets that I hadn't had the opportunity to use up to that point. After talking with my recruiter--who always calls and talks with me about whether or not I think a particular engagement would be a good match for me--and for the client--I then go through a peer interview to chat with a colleague who has demonstrated strong performance in that skill areas. I appreciate the way they take it that extra step. After all, recruiters are just that--recruiters. They then look to 'experts' to help them vet a consultant for a specific job. I know many CARA clients who very much appreciate this somewhat rigorous--but important--approach to finding them the best candidate. (and I don't think the comment about them going back to the early 90s is accurate. They had just formed a few years before I started partnering with them.) Less

Let me be clear - my original issue with them is that I had a years worth of emails and cancellations - right up until the end. I am used to the fact that recruiters do not know much, but they should have some idea about the role. I was going to have a peer interview, but once they cancelled that at the last minute (which was the 5th cancellation on their part over the course of an entire year) - I told them I can't work with people this unprofessional and unreliable. And, I asked them never to contact me again. I suppose you got "lucky" by not falling into this bizarre and disrespectful pattern that they put me through, but people should be prepared that this is not a company that knows how to recruit or interview properly. There are dozens of Chicagoland consulting firms that get you through the process in 1 month, not 1 year. Less

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DTE Energy

(Paraphrasing) tell us about a time you helped your team members.

2 Answers

How did I answer this question? Poorly, apparently.

I can remember a time I worked as a refinery technician. I lead a team of contractors in making repairs in my unit, From collected data we found that most accidents were from slips, trips, and falls in the units. During Job Safety discussions that took place before each repair in the unit, I made sure to point out the slip, trips, and fall hazards. After the safety discussions, I went a step further and escorted the contractors into the unit to point out those hazards so the contractors knew where they were. As a result, our slips, trips, and falls data went from an average of 4 each quarter to zero in my unit and my superiors were very happy. Less


How I best managed work?

1 Answers

Works well with flexibility and time guidelines.

NH Hotel Group

Parlami della tua tesi di laurea in inglese

1 Answers

Ho parlato della mia tesi di laurea in inglese


Behavioral interview questions on personal, people, thoughts, and results leadership. Tell us about a time when....

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The questions were all based on the internship experience I had with Kroger the previous year.

1 Answers

I talked about the skills I learned in the previous internship and how they might apply to the internship I was interviewing for. Less

Houston Metro

1. With all of your experience, why do you want to work for Metro? 2. Do you have experience in adult learning principles?

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1. To elevate my experience by examining training programs within a large organization. 2. In addition to my academics, I have acquired experience as a trainer across industries and developing a training program in my previous position. Less

Walt Disney Company

At the in-person interview they asked me clarifying questions about my resume details, but otherwise it all felt very conversational. Not a lot of rigidity. The conversation was free to go where it needed to for us to get to know one another and figure out if we would be a right fit for working together.

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The interview went very well. They deliberated for about a month because it was a close call between me and another candidate. I almost got the position, but the other person had slightly better qualifications and was ultimately given the offer. Less


Explain how you adjust your approach when working in different countries.

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I talk with the people I know who were born there and have worked there. I research current events and economic conditions. Less


What got me interested in organizational effectiveness?

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I have always wanted to work on improving the performance and engagement of individuals, teams, and organizations. Less

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