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Branch Manager Interview Questions in Orlando, FL

"A branch manager demands the skills of someone who is proficient in accounting, but can also build good customer relations, oversee operations, and approve loans and lines of credit. During an interview, be prepared to talk about your experience in managing others, creating a good rapport in the community, and motivating your staff to be successful and ethical. Beforehand, prepare yourself with how you would handle a stressful, difficult, or struggling employee and your tactics to get them back on task."

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What is the part of your personality do I dislike most? If you could eliminate one state in the USA which state would it be and why?

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Both of those questions froze me. What do these qustions have to with the position I was applying for? Why the negative question?£(

They would ask something like this.

Tell me about yourself

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How much are you making currently/how much do you expect to make?

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All of the normal stuff, what would you do if

What do you enjoy most about working in a banking environment?

I was asked to role play the follow scenarios: Address an employee who has a negative attitude which is affecting others. You are attending a networking event. How would you approach someone who looks like it is their first time attending the event

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