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How many different ways can you get water from a lake at the foot of a mountain, up to the top of the mountain?

28 Answers

You don't really need to worry about it, because nature does it anyway. When water in the lake evaporates into the air, it forms cloud, then rains... yeah you know the story.

Pumpit, carry it, by will of God.

The easiest way would be to just pump it, but the variable costs of that can add up quickly over the long-term. The cheapest way I can think of is to create some sort of a siphon that runs from the lake, over the top of the mountain, and back down to a different spot that's lower than the lake. If you set it up right, you could drain a small amount of water at the mountain top and the siphon would still work.

How would you test an ATM machine

2 Answers

Find repeating number in array from 1 to n. O(1) space. Only one element is repeating.

1 Answer

If you are designing a roller coaster with a loop, should you be more concerned or less concerned about the passenger falling out at the top if they are overweight?

2 Answers

One of your workers at a job you are at has cut a pipe much shorter than necessary, and you must take responsibility and explain the situation to the customer.

1 Answer

Describe how you troubleshoot problems

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What differentiates FactSet from our competitors?

1 Answer

Standard 'what would you say your worst quality is?' Type of stuff. HR just sits there looking bored.

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They asked about if I did some research on Selenium

1 Answer

Experience, specifics about different technologies, asked about client interactions.

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