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Mechanical Engineer Interview Questions in Orlando, FL

"When interviewing candidates for the role of mechanical engineer, employers look for candidates who are enthusiastic to create innovative designs, analyses, and methods of production for mechanical systems. Expect to answer engineering questions that will assess your knowledge of the field as well as your creative problem-solving abilities to turn a theoretical device into a real product. In addition, come ready to discuss examples of past projects or designs and how you would excel in a team-oriented setting."

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At first i was asked the usual basic questions about my education, what achievements I am most proud of, what skills and qualities I can bring to the company...

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Has there been a project that there was a problem that occurred (what was the problem and how was is resolved). Has there been a project that you needed to ask for help (what was the problem,who did you ask, how did you solve the issue). [try to have project that are meaning full and can be translated to the industry] also answer them using the STAR model

why do we design to 55 deg F for coiling coils supply air

how would you replace a chiller in a operating hospital?

They shared about the new program I would be working on and if that would interest me. I even got to try out working in that new group.

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Technical Questions: - What is stress? - What is strain? - What is Young's Modulus? or How are Stress and Strain related? - Draw the Stress and Stress curve (correctly and with labels. - Draw the S-N curve and explain where the ultimate stress is on that graph. - Interviewers displayed images of parts and asked what type of manufacturing processes can be used to make that part. - Analysis of an engineering drawing and asked if you know some specifics about some symbols. - Some natural frequency questions pertaining to strength of materials and weight, for example if this metal bar is less dense than this other bar, which one has the higher natural frequency. - Where is the maximum stress point on an cantilever beam with a specific force applied to it? - explain your design process when designing a door hinge - explain the process through a jet engine and its components Cultural questions: - Basic tell me about yourself. - They also asked explain a time when you exhibited __(One of the core values called pillars of quest) and how you went about it or demonstrated it.

They asked me simple technical questions to see how I managed them. (i.e. if you have two engines and one is running at full load all day and the other is ramping up and down but only working 4 hours a day which one will fail first?) They just want to see your reasoning and thought process imo

General behavioral questions (i.e. strengths, weaknesses, a time you failed, what motivates you, etc)

What is a current event that has affected Rolls Royce

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