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What do you know about the travel packages at Disney

Explain what your process is when you are assigned a training request?

First round(HR): 1. Why are you interested in this internship position? 2. How do you think you are matched with this position? 3. What working or project experience you have? What kind of skill you learned from them and how do you think they will help you to get this position? 4. When you have a very hard time or very big problem on the job you are working on, how will you face and solve it? 5. Do you have a tattoo? Second round(Manager): 1. Introduce your formal working and academic experience 2. If you are be evaluated for a job, what aspect you would regard most important to you? 3. What is your career plan? 4. What is your ideal job? 5. What kind of person you don't work with MOST? 6. What is the hardest choice you have ever made during your whole life so far? 7. If you are managing 2 competing teams, what aspect you thing the most important to evaluate them?

Why Disney? Challenging previous experiences in previous jobs? and how did I overcame them? One example of a time you were successful one time you were acknowledge for doing a good job

What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

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They asked me about my experience.

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What are your passions in computer science?

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