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What is the difference between C and C++? Why haven't you taken a C++ course? What are you doing for you senior project? Can you make a class? What's the difference between the stack and the heap? Lots of C++ questions.

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(My answers were a little bit prettier in the interview) C++ is object oriented. The instructor for that class wasn't great and so I am taking it next semester. I'm making a ping pong playing machine (They loved that. They have a ping pong table with like a leaderboard and everything). I wrote down a class that described a car in header file format. Stack is a stack and needs to be unstacked and heap is a heap and you can just grab whatever. SERIOUSLY study up on C++ if you want this job. They really like people that want to learn and that are personable.

None, I had 6 years customer service experience. Maybe the hardest for most is asking what experience you had with a customer that was difficult and how did you handle it.

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What is the difference between "static" and "dynamic"?

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What does WAN stand for?

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Can you make it to your shifts?

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Describe a time when you had to manage other workers

Generic. Like they got the questions from a website.

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In what way do you think your skills could be used to solve specific engineering problems.

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