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As some other person posted here interviewers were pretending to be tough which was quite funny. They some how want to get to a point where you feel discomfortable. After I have met with Product owner, CMO and HR person, they decided to get me meet with CEO. I must say he is the most arrogant idiot I have come across. I have spent about 15 mins with me, which is the most wasted time in my life. He just want to behave like he is the perfect person on the planet. And he went on for those 15 mins trying to tell me that since I am relaxed I am not interested in working there. I mean, what sort of an idiot will generalize that people should be nervous if they are interested in the job? He asked me if my parents are alive and when I said yes, he said his father passed away couple of years ago or so and thats the reason he became mature and I am immature for the same reason. I mean common!!! Since I went from a different location to Norway I quitely left it, had it been in sweden I would have taken this up with the union as he was quite offending in the interview

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It's clear to me now that Gelato Group has a very low hiring rate because of one thing only: Insane CEO. I would recommend anyone considering Gelato Group to avoid it at all costs.

And as ironic as it can get, CEO mentioned 3 times in a 7-8 mins chat that they had got rejected 1000 people last year with people from Insead and all, I mean come on, so what??

I got to offer stage which was withdrawn within a few days. Little help was given to research things like taxation which seems like normal considerations for anyone moving countries for a job. I am not a native norwegian so language differences slowed my research down. This seems really a strange practice but I later found more than one contact who were victims of the same thing- having offers revoked within days. Best guess is that this is a deliberate hiring strategy to look for people who are so compliant and in love with the company that they will ignore such personal risk. The other perspective is that perhaps you end up attracting desperate candidates. It doesn't feel like a respectful way to treat people.

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How many days would you like to work?

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Why you leave this job?

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From where are you calling from?

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What is Data Science? When you use Spark and When Python? Unbelievable staff like those. Don't waste time, seriously.

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Why should we hire you?

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Why i have had so many short employments

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What inspires you?

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