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What did you think when you walked in the office door? How do you feel about the lobby air (aesthetics) Where did you get your company research info (and after that some weird tangent rant about glassdoor reviews; mind you I got my BI from a trusted resource in the FS industry)

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I had no idea what to say

An answer I would have is this. Where I work is where I spend a large percent of my time. A vibrant office and decor sets the setting and the mood. Compared to old buildings with little light, this seems like an upbeat and positive place to work in.

I am jobless and I need job all documents are valid for AB rank age 31 years

Are you a self starter?

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Do you feel you have been fortunate or unfortunate

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Nothing was difficult, except for the manager telling me that 2 of his employees said, that I had critized him, in saying he did not know how to run a business.

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"Can you work this Saturday"

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What are you interested in?

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Why do you need/want to work at Toys R Us?

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what is your strength and weakness?

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"Can you start tomorrow"

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What is your availability?

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