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What do you know about Box (and do you use it)?

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This is obvious but DO YOUR RESEARCH and go to the website - Box has made so many changes over the years - it is imperative you understand the direction its moving and how its new offerings align with those goals. The Box website has pretty much everything you need.

Have you worked with a quota before?

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Outline the strategy you would take to prospect into a potential account.

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The interview was in SAR format (Situation, Action, Result). I had one manager interview and another shadowing. I was asked questions based on past experiences such as, "Discuss a time when you dealt with conflict, what happened, what did you do and what was the result?" Standard SAR interview questions. I got past that round and was walked over to another manager that asked a few basic questions in regards to my employment history, then asked to name three skills a good sales person has.

Tell us about your current role. What responsibilities does that entail? What experiences in your past do you think have set you up to succeed in a company like Box?

What was an example of overcoming a sales prospect?

Where do you see yourself in 2, 5 and 10 years