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Is there anything you want to ask?

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Sure the first day I had questions and I asked them that wasn't a problem. But then the second day of the interview I was asked that by another interviewer. I already learned everything I needed to so I just said that all my questions were already answered during my first day of my interview but if anything came to mind I'd be sure to call them and ask. I felt that was a good and I didn't want to ask the same questions over again. Though I feel that that might have been a negative to them in the interview process. Overall I liked the first day of the interview but I didn't get a good feel from the overnight stocking supervisor. From the questions he asked me about the conditions and requirements I'd have to work under I got a sense that he doesn't treat his employees too well.

Tell me about yourself?

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I was asked to explain a situation in which I was confronted with a situation where a customer asked me to solve a problem that I had no control over and how I responded to the customers needs.

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Hardest question was explain what to do if you see someone shoplifting and are unable to contact loss prevention in time?

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Tell us about your partner

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How would you describe the culture of A&F

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"How do you think your job at ______ can help you in if you were to get the job here?"

Name the most challenging day at any of your previous jobs. How did you handle it?

What are some your accomplishments? Describe your previous job duties

The questions were very standard nothing too difficult.

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