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What do you know about Walmart?

5 Answers

I screwed this up. I said, "Pretty much what I've read in the paper. And I shop here often."

I understand that Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the would. Not only do the sell general dry goods for less, in many locations they sell consumables ( Groceries) as well. They employ over 2 million employees would wide and is supposed to be a great place to work and achieve your career goals.

Learn to use spell check!! World Wide and no need to duplicate employees. I must learn to engage brain before hitting the enter key.

Why did you have a gap in your employment record?

4 Answers

Do you work better individually or in a team environment?

3 Answers

If you were scanning a customers' groceries and something scanned as $19.99, then the customer insisted the product was $17.99, what would you do?

5 Answers

There are rules in every work place that you may not like or disagree with, describe a time when you didn't follow the rules and what was the outcome?

2 Answers

Name A time you had a problem with a customer? What was the problem? How did you reslove the problem? What was the final outcome?

2 Answers

Explain to me why i should hire you

3 Answers

Why were you let go from your last position?

1 Answer

All the questions are pre-done for the interviewer. There are only 5 that I had, and they were scenarios for you to answer how you handled situations that came up in your past with ideas to solve a problem or event in your life. It could be anything you want it to be topic wise. Helping friends, co-workers, family, whatever.

1 Answer

Really, none of the questions they ask are particularly difficult. They basically just ask you to provide instances from past work or other experiences, in which you demonstrated problem solving abilities, and the ability to work as a team.

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