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What would you do if the delivery team did not deliver what the business had asked for?

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I would hopefully discover that prior to the acceptance part (demo) of the sprint. There is a balance required from being too precise and too vague dependent upon the experience of the delivery team and your relationship with them. I would also check back with my management to determine if I had communicated what the business wanted to not. In my experience it has been the lack of specificity that leads to delivery not being what was requested. For example, management could say "blue" but they really meant "navy". It would be my responsibility to understand what the business wants that has value, can it be built and then work with the delivery team as to how and when it can be built.

How to deal with friction between product and engineering

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Imagine you are a newly minted product owner with no team. How would you execute on your product vision?

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You're at a dog show and there are 196 legs and 126 eyes. How many dogs and how many humans are there?

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Describe what Universal Weather and Aviation and what it does.

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The most difficult thing to me was understanding what ATBS does for me. ATBS (American Truck Business Tax)

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Where you would like to be in ten years?

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Why should I pay you money to help position me to successfully navigate through a situation I do not have to deal with at present?

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Do I want to anything else in the creative arts or maybe a different industry than powersports?

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Prepared to purchase a health care plan?

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