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Sales Interview Questions in Oxford, England

As a sales representative, your ability to speak to clients has a large impact on the company’s profits. Great interpersonal, listening, and marketing skills are all essential. As sales reps often encounter skeptical or difficult customers, employers will be looking to assess your ability to present a product with ease, counter objections, and bounce back from rejection. Be prepared to give a convincing sales pitch on one of the company's products or role-play a situation in which you have to persuade difficult customer.

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Role play puts you right on the spot. "How would you sell this nintendo DS even though it has a damaged box?"

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Damaged box does not affect the console unit itself which will be in pristine condition. The damaged box does not affect your 1 year guarantee It is unlikely you will use the box frequently as you would probably purchase a protective case - includes a wide range - mario inspired ones, nintendo licensed and 3rd party products. These will not take damage and will protect the console unit very well. Ds has a great product offering - i.e. existing top tell Professor Layton and Curious Village - a critically acclaimed game. It's an interactive console featuring touch screen capabilities as a result bringing the consumer closer to the action.

Why do you want to work for this company

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How many deals had my current employer got that were due for renewal.

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What contacts could I bring to the company.

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Give an example of having to deal with a difficult customer/ situation. How did you resolve it?

Who do you think our competitors are?

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Can you tell us a time you had to overcome a challenge?

How would I deal with customers at the till? We had to unsell products in a role-play scenario.

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