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Questions were really all over the place, and ranged from questions about my clinical/theoretical orientation, to how I would handle certain scenarios, to questions about my employment choices and work trajectory. Everyone was very polite, but gave me no indication as to whether they agreed with my approach/responses or not.

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I don't know! Many of the questions they asked were matters of opinion or based on individual styles, so if you're point if view happens to coincide with the person asking the question, you'll get a favorable response.

1. What does leadership mean to you? 2. Why are not continuing as a post doc in your group for financial security. What do you plan to do if you do not get the job?

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Did you ever break the rules? Did you ever do anything unsafe?

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Yeah, that would have been nice..

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What would u do if u were on an outting and the person served was acting out how would u handle that ~

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as a interviewer, what would u like to see in a interviewee

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verified my proximity to the position

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As an IT User, what was the most serious technical issue you've faced and how was it addressed?

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