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What would you invest in the current market (Fixed Income)?

1 Answer

Companies with strong cash flows generating ability and international presence. Low Debt to Capital ratio and avoid consumer sensitive firms.

technical question about the current policy and its influence on the money market: what's the interest rate of short term bonds right now and how it would influence the market share of some investment companies, like BR, so on so on ........

1 Answer

Got drilled about how Quantitative Easing works, and 3 tools Fed has to control interest rates and Money Supply.

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself.

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When does unemployment come out?

1 Answer

Explain the mathematical reasoning behind negative convexity

Why Blackrock? Why PAG? Walkthrough Resume explain some of the headlines in the markets.

What did you learn from this class? (after asking about what is your favorite class, the interviewer pointed out specific courseworks on my resume)

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