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Using the first sibling selector in the layout of a photo gallery using css-only.

2 Answers

Knowing how the first sibling selector works is the answer (it's something any good front-end engineer should know)

"+" (Plus) is the sibling selector

Write a function to reverse a linked-list.

1 Answer

Given two set of numbers find all matching pairs.

1 Answer

Build a portion of the Q&A site.

1 Answer

Deveopers asked about javascript questions and asked to write pseduo code, and a CSS guru asked quite a bit of css specificity questions, Javascript questions included - binary tree, closures, inheritance, execute a function without a constructor -> (function xyz(){....})();

1 Answer

Are you a designer or developer? You can't possibly be both. It's incomprehensible.

1 Answer

Describe how memory is managed in Objective-C.

2 Answers

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How would you insert a string into an HTML element?