Paraeducator Interview Questions

Paraeducator Interview Questions

"Paraeducators assist teachers at the elementary and secondary level by providing support in areas such as tutoring, classroom management, and parent relations. Employers are looking for candidates with a passion for education and strong organizational and communication skills. Come ready to discuss your teaching style and any experience you have working with children. You can also expect to answer some situational questions about your ability to handle difficult classroom scenarios."

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Kent School District
Paraeducator was asked...October 20, 2015

How would you handle a situation in which a student became disruptive in class?

2 Answers

It all depends on the specific situation and what the student's IEP goals are. As a paraeductor, it is your job to follow direction of the teacher and the behavior plan outlined in the student's IEP. Less

As a paraeducator, I am in a perfect position to remove the child from the classroom and calm him/her down in a quiet one-on-one setting in order to allow the teacher to continue normal instruction and still give the disruptive child the attention they need. Less

Edmonds School District

How do you handle a hesitant staff member when introducing new material to their classroom

1 Answers

I would walk the staff member through my class plan and explain value of introducing this new material. Less

Berkeley USD

What's an experience you've had that was challenging with a student you worked with and how did you handle the challenges?

2 Answers

I've worked with Disabled students for awhile now and I'm always learning something new. They like a willingness to be flexible and learn. Also noting environmental issues not just the students personal behavior. Less

had a boy and girl last year who kept doing what they wanted during class. I had a meeting with the girl's mom inside the room at her request. We assigned the girl a seat to do her work. When I learned from another teacher that she lied and said she was looking for bag but was playing, I limited the opportunities for her to leave class by having extra packets ready and going bathroom inside class when possible. One day she had to be told twice to sit and do work and came back late from the bathroom so I had her miss free coloring with the rest of the class and explained why. For the boy, I assigned a seat to get homework done everyday and when I had to tell him twice to sit and do work, he owed me time and I'd ask him why. He would behave better after time owed and started to volunteer to help clean class recently the class out very loud and would quiet down, when I realized that adding to quiet time wouldn't work I took the class outside and had them run laps thinking they need to release energy. The older kids liked it and wanted to race the younger ones Less

Wausau School District

What are you strengths and weaknesses when dealing with unruly kids How would you handle meeting a parent in a public place and they started asking questions about their son or daughter what would you do.

2 Answers

Strengths: I am proactive in that when I sense that an argument is going to start I immediately step in I listen to each side and then try to evaluate what happened and what the best course of action is Weakness: sometimes I feel that my approach may not have been the best but I always reevaluate the situation and see if I can come up with a better approach Less

If a parent approaches me in public asking about their kid I’ll tell them that they need to talk to the teacher and may mention to the teacher that they asked about their kid Less

Describe how you will be organized?

1 Answers

Seems like they understand that their company is not organize so they want to put the pressure onto you. Less

Avon Public Schools

how would you handle having an issue with another co worker?

1 Answers

why do you think your a good fit for this position

Highline School District

Asked about experience with children

1 Answers

I responded i have always babysat for family and friends. I have babysat during summertime and would take children to library to the park and we would do educational fun activities everyday Less

Lincoln Public Schools - Lincoln, NE

What is you background with teaching children?

1 Answers

Individual tutoring small group tutoring in math and language arts and afterschool educator with art projects Less

Council Bluffs Community School District

Give me an example of a time you had a problem where you had to act fast and how did you handle it?

1 Answers

Last year as an afterschool educator some extra kids were put in my class. One boy refused to listen when I told him not to climb the chair and he walked out of class. I informed the site supervisor and then I immediately created a seating arrangement for all the kids. One boy kept pestering another girl so I changed him to another table and told him I’d inform the site supervisor if he doesn’t listen which set him straight and the class did well with the seating arrangement Less

ABC Unified School District

They asked me how many year experience I had working with children.

1 Answers

Over 12 years

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