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Paraprofessional Interview Questions

"Paraprofessionals provide assistance to licensed professionals in different occupational fields such as education, healthcare, and law. In an interview context, expect to answer questions about your knowledge of the field as well as how you would offer adequate support to your professional counterpart. For help with the specific questions you'll be asked, try a particular paraprofessional title like paraprofessional educator, paramedic, or paralegal."

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What is a situation in which you have been challenged by a student and how did you meet that challenge and learn from it for future lessons

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I talked about a student with autism I had that used to spit on me and other paras every time we tried to get him to learn and do work. I explained the many tactics we came up with and tried as a team and the many ways I tried on my own to get his behavior to change. Until we finally came up with a tactic of reward and recoil that got him away from spiting and excited to do work.

I had a student who would keep talking even when she wasn’t supposed to. I tried changing her seat frequently, talking to her parents then finally settled on having her take a paper and write out what’s on her mind in the back of the room which seemed most effective. I also found that letting her help with tasks worked

What would you do if a student became physically aggressive in the classroom?

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What is the role of the teacher in a classroom? what is the role of a paraprofessional?

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Will be any issue to work from 7 until 3:30?

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What would you do if a student came in and tell you they had been abused.

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What sparked your interest in this position?

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If were were stopped in town by a parent of a student you have worked with, would you discuss problems with the student with the parent.

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How would you deal with an at-risk student that becomes a distraction in the classroom?

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why do you want to be a para?

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Tell me about yourself?

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