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Why do you want to be a Park Ranger?

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I respect the work of a Park Ranger. They have to represent the rule and regs on the Park, and be "uncool" when enforcing. I also know that they have to understand and have compassion for park guests who are visiting and honestly just trying to have a good time with family and friends.

Balance and good judgement are what we all hope for in matters of enforcement. This is something I feel like comes naturally. If I were a judge, the morals of the BIble (same as taught with modern moral code) would be my guide. I also would make as my guide the importance of firm compliance with rules if the park. Yet, I would demonstrate compassion and patience with the Park visitors.

I have performed the duties of an interpretive park ranger before. This is a very fun job that takes huge amounts of energy. You educate the public on exciting fun topics and the make known your conservation iaaues affecting the region and in particular the park. The TPWD mission can be fully realized every day while performing this high energy work. It is a "calling." For those who love it and have the public speaking ability and inspiration to be a dynamic teacher all day to a variety of audiences of all ages, this is not a job, it's pure fun. Only people who consider this demanding and very public job "fun" should seek the position. There have been periods for a year or two, where I was all about doing this service. It is an enormous opportunity to have a job doing that which inspires happiness, and is part of a worthy nature conservation cause. The right person for this job, stands out like a Bobcat in a bank. They will be the big fluffy, energetic, ceaselessly smiling science living goof ball with a good hearted passion for excess of nature on a daily basis . An unusual position which could be perfect for your temperament one year and a bit much to chew at other times .

Do you know you must be able to lift at least 50lbs for this job?

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Describe a time when you worked with customer service.

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Tell me about yourself? What is your availability?

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Q: "Why would you like to be a Park Ranger?"

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You see a group of people vandalizing a facility you maintain, what do you do?

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I was asked to describe one time were I had to deal with a difficult situation in the workplace, and how I went about solving the problem.

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How do you work with people?

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Have you ever been in a situation where you were in a crowd that was getting out of control?

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What do you do if you cannot make change for a customer?

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