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What would be some of the things you would consider when forming a supervision plan for an offender?

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1, Age 2. Criminal History 3. Education 4. Mental Health 5. Substance Abuse 6. Employment 7. Housing 8. Family and Friends

The most difficult part was they asked several questions that had multiple parts so that you would most likely have to ask them to repeat the question. This is an example. "If you had several issues happening at the same time, how would you prioritize the issues? What order would you resolve them? How would you resolve them? It's 1030 hrs. You have a presentence investigation report you planned to work on all day. It must be on the supervisor's desk by 2:00 for review and signature, then delivered to the prosecuting attorney and judge's chambers by 4:00; you just received a phone call from another Community Corrections Officer saying that a violent offender on your caseload was seen walking near his victim's home but has disappeared in the neighborhood; a gang offender reports to the office and asks to see you, this is not his scheduled report day; a rival gang offender who is not on your caseload instigates a fight with your offender in the lobby while other offenders are looking like they might join the fight. What do you do?"

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When I could start.

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Management and priority REMEMBER THE MISSION STATEMENT they will give you a piece of paper to read before you go in and will have you flip it over

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Things about yourself.

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Why do you want to work for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice?

If you went to see a parolee and his mother kept interrupting and wouldn't let him speak how would you handle it?

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Your parolee told you he was tied to a string of robberies off the Record but you know he has no job and has a terminally ill child what would you do?

Typical general questions, strengths/weaknesses, organizational skills, etc. In addition there is a physical that is necessary to get into police academy including a mile and 1/2 run, situps, push ups, and an obstacle course.

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