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Part-time Sales Advisor was asked...August 10, 2015

Which one of these 3 places would be our competition and why best buy, food for less or forever 21?

3 Answers

Forever 21 , retail store with similar trending outfits and low prices

Forever 21 considering the demographic and consumer you are reaching to. Best Buy is more for electronic consumers as well as food for less is for those who seek food, both forever 21 and H&M are the only establishments on this list who specialize in distributing the same merchandise thus making H&M a possible competition . Less

H&M is brand that people can come to and try better outfits than Forever 21. Out of the three that is been selected to be H&M’s competition would Forever 21 since it’s on the trending list of 2018 where H&M is also apart that trend but it makes a even harder decision for a customer to choose between the two. For my standards I’d go with H&M better options for a professional outfit and an actual fashion statement to start from. Less


How does good customer service sounds, feels, and looks like?

1 Answers

A good customer service sounds, feels, and looks like when you know you have made the customer feel special. When they leave the branch, they have a smile on their face. Less


What hours can you work?

37 Answers


All hiurs

What ever that would be available

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do you have reliable transportation?

35 Answers

yes, i drive

Yes I have reliable transportation

Yes I've got reliable transportation

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are you able to stand for

28 Answers

Can stand 5 hours

Yes, I can


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Panera Bread

Why do you want to work for Panera?

17 Answers

I've heard good things about Panara and i like the work atmosphere

You gays have any position I looking for job

I really need a job

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Dollar Tree

Are you comfortable working some weekends?

14 Answers


I have always been in retail so I am very accustom to weekends and holidays.

Yes very use to working weekends Every Holiday other than Christmas Day

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Do you have reliable transportation ?

11 Answers


Why yes of course


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Why are you applying for UPS? What is your past experience? Do you intend on being temporary or long-term?

11 Answers


I need this job for to help me through college and to a little money in my pocket to carry me back and forth to work and school. Also to buy me a car instead of using my parents car all the time. I have never worked I have been looking for jobs and putting application in for jobs the whole summer and no one called me back but Walmart didn't say if i had the job either. I only need this job temporary until I start getting my degree for become a physical therapist and finding the job for that but all I want and need is to get a job and to provide a little help with my dad bills and finding a good university for me to go and to make my career a success. Less

Looking to grow with in the company and maybe on the bord to keep improving the company and its values thank u Less

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Ollie’s Bargain Outlet

What is one thing you hope a previous employer doesn't tell me during a reference call.

8 Answers

nothing they would ask I would'nt answer

That I work and try to hard.

That I work and try to hard.

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